Our Design Process

Interior Design Programming and Data Analysis

The Designer collects and analyses the information

The Designer usually meets face-to-face with the Client to find out how the space will be used and to get an idea of the Client's preferences and budget.
The Designer also will visit the space to take inventory of existing furniture and equipment and identify positive attributes of the space and potential problems.

Conceptual Design

The Designer creates “The BIG IDEA”

The Designer creates a design that correctly implements the requirements of the Client.  

It is the first phase of the design process.  It is programmatic, problem-solving and a creative visualization of the ‘BIG IDEA’.  This is the phase where the creative side of the Designer is tested.

Schematic Design

The project begins to take shape  

During this phase programming information is incorporated, basic special relationships are developed; sketches, preliminary plans, sections and elevations are presented to the Client.  

Design Development

The Project becomes more technically polished and refined

During this phase the Designer refines the project, establishes the scope, relationships, forms, size and appearance of the project by means of plans, sections and elevations, typical construction details, equipment layouts, and three-dimensional visualizations.

Construction Documents and Specifications

The project is ready to be build

This phase is about the details and the requirements for construction of the Project. The Construction Documents shall include Drawings and Specifications that establish in detail the quality levels of materials and systems required for the Project.


The Project needs the right team to build it

The Tendering phase is the short time (one to two weeks) that three or more contractors are given to give a price for the designed work.  Sometimes the Client may select to utilize a construction manager approach where the Contractor works closely with the Designer and the Client and gets individual sub trades to bid on the project.

Contract Administration

Finally the concept becomes a reality!

Contract Administration is a phase where the Designer administers the Client’s Contract for Construction with the General Contractor.