World Kids Books

Best of Canada Award of Excellence in Retail Category 2013

Silver A' Design Award Winner (Milan, Italy) 2013

Type: Retail
Services: Interior Design / General Contracting
Location: Vancouver                                                                 
Size: 460 sq ft                                                                                        
Budget: under $100,000                                                                             
Construction: 3 months, completed 2012
Photography: Ema Peter

Inspired by a local company to create a sustainable, fully operational bookstore on a small footprint, RED BOX ID used the concept of an ‘open book’ to design a brand new retail experience that supports the local community. Located in Vancouver, Canada, World Kids Books is a showroom first, retail bookstore second, and an online store third. The bold contrast, symmetry, rhythm and pop of color draw people in, and create a dynamic and fun space. It is a great example of how a business idea can be enhanced through interior design.