Life Luxe Spa

A' Design Award Winner (Milan, Italy) 2015

Type: Wellness / Retail
Services: Interior Design / General Contracting
Location: Vancouver                                                                   
Size: 1,500 sq ft                                                                                        
Budget: under $200,000                                                                             
Construction: 3 months, completed 2014
Graphic Designer: Grafika Vision
Photography: Ema Peter

Can Modernism and Art Nouveau harmoniously co-exist in one space?  They sure can in Vancouver. 

When the new owners of Life Luxe Day Spa + Laser approached our interior design studio to revitalize their newly purchased but outdated spa salon, the space needed more than just the removal of a T-bar ceiling and a fresh coat of paint. An overhaul of the electrical and mechanical systems, development of a unique brand, and vastly improved space-function and flow were the most important challenges of this project. Who could have guessed a stylized turn-of-the-century arts movement would be the key?

The clients wanted to create a beautiful organic spa experience with curves and textures, rich colors and sparkling chandeliers – a space with “European flare”. We responded by blending a vintage Art Nouveau-inspired palette with a clean Modern aesthetic by combining saturated colour with crisp white light, organic graphics and gold accents with polished metal furnishings, and whiplash curves with strong vertical elements.

The corporate colour palette selected was minimalist white accented by the rich chocolate, gold and yellow used widely in Art Nouveau. The broad brown line which travels around the salon, wrapping the front entrance wall and ceiling, emphasizes the flow and openness in the salon.  In contrast the repetition of parallel yellow lines clearly define the retail area, which has been considerably expanded for more product exposure. No-VOC high gloss epoxy flooring, custom furniture and European pendant lights add the desired “luxe” to the space while golden shimmer beads reflected in full height mirrors define the waiting area and make it appear more spacious. 

Local artist and graphic designer, Masha Tikhonova, was commissioned to help rebrand Life Luxe. The logo’s double “L” may seem obvious, but its design and colour in fact represent the spa owners’ faces and their family connection with gold as the blond mother and brown as the brunette daughter. The organic nature of Art Nouveau was applied throughout the space with each treatment room adopting a flower name instead of just being numbered. Lilies, orchids, jasmine, hibiscus and peonies, all in concept-inspired colours, now emerge and give life to these revitalized private spaces.

Other major improvements of this space include an electrical upgrade where 80% of incandescent lights were switched to LED fixtures.  Existing HVAC system has been updated, redesigned and replaced with linear air diffusers, many of which were integrated within the drop ceilings. The new storefront glazing not only became a canvas for custom graphics and allowed for unobstructed views, but most importantly it dramatically reduced outside noise which was essential for creating a tranquil spa setting within the space.

Life Luxe Day Spa + Laser combines the best of contemporary and classic, modern and organic into a beautiful, flexible and fully accessible spa experience.  It is simply different.